How to view sent messages

You can view a summary of sent messages and broadcasts for quick and easy reference and tracking.

Go to Messaging and then Sent

You will then see a list of all sent messages and broadcasts along with various information as follows:

  1. Broadcast Name - If you named your broadcast when sending, the name will appear in this column - otherwise you will see the date and time the message was sent. Clicking on the broadcast name will take you to the broadcast summary screen
  2. Recipients - this is the number of contacts who successfully received the message
  3. Content - here you will see one line of the message. To view the full content, hover your mouse pointer over the partial content
  4. Send Date - the date and time the message was sent (note - this is not necessarily when the message was received by each recipient)
  5. Send From - this shows which number from which the message was sent (default is "system allocated")
  6. Status - This shows the status of the message (e.g. sent, cancelled etc.)


You can also view inbound messages as individual conversations in the inbox. Just go to Inbox in the main menu:

For more information on managing conversations in the inbox, read this article