The following updates are now live in the web portal, as of January 2021

Reporting data now goes back 12 months

You can now select up to 12 months worth of data in the Detailed Reports screen. You can either select a date range, or choose one of the many date-quick links below the calendar to view preset timeframes of data:

Sent messages displayed individually

Previously, when you went to Messaging and then Sent, you were presented with a list of broadcasts as opposed to individual messages by recipient. Now, however, when selecting the Sent option, you will see all sent messages displayed individually:

New Broadcast Report section

To view a list of broadcasts (i.e. a message send that might include several individual messages), go to Reports and then Broadcast Reports, then click on the name of the report you wish to view:

This is the same view that used to appear under Messaging > Sent

New Create/Invite User page

When creating a new User, you are now presented with additional options allowing you to nominate which accounts to which they will have access. You can also assign a single User to multiple accounts with varying roles.

As an administrator, you can invite a new user including assigning privileges.

In the user detail screen:

1. Insert the email address(es) of the user(s) you wish to invite

2. Provide a role by clicking on the text in blue:

Click Send Invitation in the bottom right corner of the screen.


An email invitation is sent to each of the recipients detailing the account to which you are providing access including the URL and email address they are required to use to login. The user must click the 'Accept Invitation Now' link contained within the email to register successfully. A user is marked as Pending in the Users table until they accept the invitation, create their profile and login for the first time.

New Account Profile screen

When you click on your user name in the top right and select Profile from the menu, you will notice some additions to the profile screen:

On the profile screen, password details are now consolidated into the user details section, and you now have settings to configure desktop notifications, as well as details of your account access and permissions/roles:

Improved User search and edit-ability for account administrators

Account admins can now change a User's role without having to delete the user and re-create them with new permissions. Just go to Account, then Users. You can search for specific users by name in the new search field:

Once you find the user you wish to edit, click on the ellipses (three dots) next to the user you wish to edit, followed by Edit Profile:

In the following screen, look at the Account access section, where you will see the details of the User's account access

Click on the down arrow next to the current access level and then select the required role from the resulting drop-down menu: